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 ¨Maria is the best! I happen to come across her cute stand in Hawaii when I had just flewn into Hawaii and her personality and fabulous jewelry caught my eye. We started talking, and I was like, this woman is awesome! After spending the week in Hawaii I stopped by her stand again to say hi before heading back, and we started chatting. I ended up checking out all the cool gemstones she had sourced and fell in love with a few of them. I liked the look of a few of them together and we started talking about a custom piece. And voila! A bunch of text messages back and forth and Maria was so sweet to accommodate exactly what i wanted! This is the first time I ever had a custom piece of jewelry made and was not disappointed. Now I have my own special jewelry with custom engraving and its a very unique and personal piece.¨ Sharon 

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 ¨Got it in a flash - Maria mailed it the day after I purchased it. It is so beautiful I think it might be ALIVE! :) Thank you, Maria, for channeling this divine piece.¨ Kat A 

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 ¨Love it! Wonderful shop to work with. The owner is amazing and very accommodating in working with clients! have bought many pieces and will continue to buy her great quality work.¨ Larissa  

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 ¨This ring is fantastic, very well made and communication was excellent. Thank you!¨ Oliver 

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 `Absolutely love my new bracelets. Cant wait to buy more!¨ Mia  

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 ¨Gorgeous bracelet, mesmerizing stone, perfect proportions, thank you so much!¨ Jen  

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  ¨Oh my goodness! Maria reset this ring with a new stone. My bestie had given it to me and the original stone had faded to a really dark muddy color. Dont know what happened. Maria let me choose a stone from her inventory and BLAM, new ring. With the vibes of TWO amazing women that I call friends involved, I feel like I pratically have super powers when i wear it. Thank you, Maria Eugenia de Oliveira Fumagalli, I appreciate you. xo¨ Kat